Adult Programs – Group Lessons

These programs are engineered to help all players reach their full potential. This year’s programs include:

  • Morning Workout — Tennis drills combined with specific tennis-related workouts for all skill levels
  • Cardio-Tennis — A dynamic fitness program that combines traditional tennis drills with cardiovascular exercise, aiming to enhance overall fitness levels while enjoying the sport
  • Fundamentals — Building block instruction and a supportive environment for novices to develop basic skills, build confidence and ignite a passion for the game
  • Intermediate Training — A program to sharpen skills, enhance consistency and elevate those players transitioning from the beginner level to a more competitive level
  • Advanced Training — Intensive training for seasoned players, refining their strategic gameplay, technical proficiency and fitness to take their performance to the elite level
  • Decision Making — Sessions to hone strategic thinking and on-court intelligence, empowering players to optimize shot selection and elevate overall tactical prowess.
  • Tournament Prep — Guidance on competitive strategies, mental resilience and physical conditioning to give players what’s needed for peak performance in tournament settings.

All programs are designed with specific National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) ratings in mind. If you are unsure of your NTRP rating, you can research self-assessment guides online. For a more accurate NTRP rating, the instructors at TPT are available to conduct ratings sessions upon request.

Pricing Structure

Group lessons with Head Pro
$180/hr total (shared by 3-4 players)

Group lessons with Assistant Pro
$150/hr total (shared by 3-4 players)

To reserve one of the above programs, visit CourtReserve and look for programs under the Events tab.

You can view the programming information here and the policy information here.