Club Rules & Conduct

To ensure that all players are afforded equitable playing time and optimal conditions, the use of the courts are subject to certain rules as described here. Review the rules, print out a hard copy, and do not be shy about speaking up when you recognize a departure from them. This benefits and maximizes everyone’s enjoyment of tennis.

  • To play at Swansea Tennis Club or participate in club endorsed activities, events, or programs, Registered Membership and a valid Shoe Tag are required.
  • Court Managers on duty are appointed to maintain & manage the Sign-up Board, Court Bookings, and enforce the rules.
  • Club Executive members substitute as Court Managers in their absence, and Members must be self-regulating in accordance with the rules.
  • Booking Courts:
    • Only Registered Members with a valid Shoe Tag may place their name on the Sign-up Board in order to book a court. “No Tag, No Play“.
    • Courts are booked on a “First Come, First Served” basis.
    • Booking in advance, or for others, is not allowed. Do not book a court, leave the club, and then later return to the courts expecting your booking to remain intact. As long as you remain waiting at the courts book as far in advance as you’d like.
    • At least one of the players must remain near the Sign-up Board after booking, and if not, the court is forfeited.
    • The booking of one court while playing on another is not permitted. If you have a court booked and already playing, that booking/court is forfeited, so please cancel it. This point does not apply if your partner has booked a court and waiting court side (i.e. not currently playing).
  • Non-members are not permitted to use the Sign-up Board and must vacate the courts when members are waiting to play.
  • It is the responsibility of those waiting, to inform those that are playing, that their time is up.
  • Players must occupy the court within five minutes of their time booked otherwise the court is forfeited.
  • Playing time is 40 minutes for both singles or doubles.
  • When the courts are full and members are waiting to play, Doubles takes priority over Singles, so make an effort to pair up. Those at the club to play singles must be accommodating to playing doubles instead.
  • Do not disturb others while play is in progress – in particular:
    • Enter and Exit through the gate nearest to your court. Courts 1 & 2 should use the front gate on the south-west side, and courts 3 & 4 should use the back, north-east gate, in the park.
    • Remain outside the courts while play is in progress.
    • Do not walk behind courts while play is in progress.
    • Wait for a break in play before asking players to return your ball.
    • NEVER under any circumstances return balls to a court while play is in progress. ALWAYS wait for play to stop, inform the court, ensure that players are aware, and gently push the ball in an angle towards the back fence.

  • “Prime Time” is Monday to Friday from 7pm until lights out:
    • Junior Members may play during “Prime Time” if accompanied by at least 1 Adult Member and only when no other Adult Members are waiting to play.
    • No more than 3 balls per court, nor baskets or instructional equipment, are allowed on the courts during “Prime Time”.
    • No formal lessons are permitted during “Prime Time” except by the Tennis Director.
  • All players must wear appropriate attire (tennis shoes, shirt). Do not bring bicycles onto the court – lock them up in appropriate locations in the park.
  • All bags, clothing, equipment, towels, water bottles, etc, must be placed at the net posts, not at the back or sides of the courts. Keep the alley between courts clear.
  • Guests – a Member may bring 1 guest no more than 3 times during a season for a fee of $5 each time. The Guest Fee applies for one day only. Guests can play only if the courts are not full and no members are waiting to play.
  • The Web Communications department strives to keep current the Events Calendar which indicates when some courts may be unavailable for use.
  • Members behaving in an aggressive, disrespectful, or offensive manner, will be asked to leave the courts.
  • It is unacceptable for Members to abuse, bully, harass, or defame, one another, any Board Members, visitors, or the general public, within the vicinity of Swansea Tennis Club, and this will not be tolerated. Members are encouraged to submit a complaint to the Board if subject or witness to, any abuse, harassment, or defamation. The Board takes reports of complaints very seriously and if deemed necessary Members will be invited to attend a Hearing.
  • Any violation of Club Rules may result in revocation of Membership, and/or expulsion from Swansea Tennis Club, at the discretion of the Board.
Disputes: If a Court Manager is not available then refer to this document, or contact an Executive Board Member, either on or off court.

Tennis Canada publishes “ The Rules of the Court” which is intended as a resource for players at all levels and governs Inter-County play.

To ensure everyone has fun playing tennis please read the OTA Code of Conduct for Unaffiliated Matches.

Tennis is much more fun when everyone follows the same rules and code of conduct.