Club Rules & Conduct

To ensure that all players are afforded equitable playing time and optimal conditions, the use of the courts are subject to certain rules as described here. Review the rules, print out a hard copy, and do not be shy about speaking up when you recognize a departure from them. This benefits and maximizes everyone’s enjoyment of tennis.

  • To play at Swansea Tennis Club or participate in club endorsed activities, events, or programs, Registered Membership and a valid Shoe Tag are required.
  • Members are collectively responsible to maintain & manage the Sign-up Board, Court Bookings, and enforce the rules.
  • Club Executive members substitute as Court Managers, and Members must be self-regulating in accordance with the rules.

General Rules (that apply to Members and Non-Members):

  • Do not play if court surface is wet or slippery
  • Perimeter fence is extremely hard and inflexible, so be cautious of head injury and stray balls under foot
  • Tennis or training shoes only permitted on the courts
  • Only tennis-related activities permitted on the courts…no exceptions
  • Vacate your court at the appointed time
  • Absolutely no bicycles, roller-blades, skateboards, playing of hockey, soccer, tag, non-tennis sports balls or equipment, or pets permitted inside the gates at any time
  • No more than 3 balls per court
  • No more than 4 players per court
  • To respect our neighbours, please turn off the lights when you leave if courts are vacant

Expectations of Members:

  • As members, it is assumed we will respect the General Rules (listed above) the Court Access Rules (listed below) and General Rules as posted nearby.  These rules and procedures are designed to ensure fair access and safe play conditions for all.
  • This is a community club — any deviation from “family oriented, friendly, safe behaviour” will lead to revocation of court use and/or membership.
  • Managing priority access for members (as posted below) is a collective effort even if a Court Manager is present — please set an example by understanding and practising this important Club behaviour regardless of the situation
  • The gate code cannot be shared with anyone, ever.  If someone is supposed to possess the code, they will already have it via an official communication.  If there are no members waiting for courts and you want to be helpful, let people (members should have valid shoe tags) into the courts by opening the door for them rather than communicating the code.
  • Take note of and respect all official notices from the Club or the City — these likely affect court availability or safety
        • NEW for 2020 – Pandemic related policies, and any messages or signage posted by the City of Toronto, must be respected
  • Play safely and have fun!

Court Access and Booking Courts:

  • “No shoe tag, no play”
        • Members present without their Club ID (shoe tag) have no member court access priority
  • Members with ID are granted priority access during all but the posted public hours (see City of Toronto signage for public hours)
  • Guests cannot play if there is a queue of members waiting
  • Maximum one guest per member per court
  • No advanced sign-ups — people waiting to play must remain present to maintain their position in the queue
  • Court maintenance activities may supersede tennis playing activity on an impromptu basis
  • Courts are reserved by legibly writing the shoe tag numbers of all players who will be on the court in the appropriate slot on the sign-up board
        • Only one time slot per group can be reserved in advance
        • Guests can be identified by writing a “G” instead of shoe tag number
        • To avoid unnecessary conflicts, always vacate your court at the appointed time
        • Even if no one else is waiting, it is wise to go back to the sign-up board and reserve the next available court to ensure you can stay on if others arrive
        • Vacant courts can be claimed by members waiting after a 5-minute grace period
        • Please erase your reservation mark from the board after usage of court

Tennis Etiquette at Swansea:

  • It is unacceptable for Members to abuse, bully, harass, or defame, one another, any Board Members, visitors, or the general public, within the vicinity of Swansea Tennis Club, and this will not be tolerated.
        • Members are encouraged to submit a complaint to the Board if subject or witness to, any abuse, harassment, or defamation.
        • The Board takes reports of complaints very seriously and if deemed necessary Members will be invited to attend a Hearing.
  • Members behaving in an aggressive, disrespectful, or offensive manner, will be asked to leave the courts.
  • The Club strives to keep current an online Events Calendar current, which indicates when individual courts are predetermined to be unavailable for general use.
  • Enter and Exit through the gate nearest to your court. Courts 1 & 2 should use the front gate on the south-west side, and courts 3 & 4 should use the back, north-east gate, in the park.
  • Remain outside the courts while play is in progress.
  • Do not walk behind courts while play is in progress.
  • All bags, clothing, equipment, towels, water bottles etc., must be placed at the net posts, not at the back or sides of the courts. Keep the alley between courts clear.
  • Wait for a break in play before asking players to return your ball.
        • NEVER under any circumstances return balls to a court while play is in progress. ALWAYS wait for play to stop, inform the court, ensure that players are aware, and gently push the ball in an angle towards the back fence.

  • Professional lessons are available from qualified instructors approved by the Club

Disputes: If a Court Manager is not available then refer to this document, or contact an Executive Board Member, either on or off court.

Tennis Canada publishes “ The Rules of the Court” which is intended as a resource for players at all levels and governs Inter-County play.

To ensure everyone has fun playing tennis please read the OTA Code of Conduct for Unaffiliated Matches.

Tennis is much more fun when everyone follows the same rules and code of conduct.