Junior Lesson Program

2021 After-School Junior Program 

Fall After School Junior Programs

Our coaches use “progressive tennis” methods from Tennis Canada and the ITF. We use the progressive balls, proportional equipment and court sizes to help the children to learn to play tennis in the most efficient ways. For more about progressive tennis please see http://www.tennisplayandstay.com/tennis10s/overview.aspx

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Progressive 1 Red

The Red program is designed for children 4-8 years old. The 1st level of progressive tennis uses larger foam and decompressed “Red” balls to allow for easier exchanges, 19″ to 21″ racquets for better control, mini sized nets and a smaller 12-meter court.

Progressive 2 Orange

The Orange program is designed for student 8-11 years old. The 2nd level of progressive tennis uses a normal sized “Orange” tennis ball of much lower compression to make it easier for the students to acquire the required skills at this stage of development. 23′ to 25′ racquets are typically used and the court is 18m in size. 

Progressive 3 Green

The Green program is designed for students 10-15 years old who are still learning to rally. The 3rd level of progressive tennis uses a “Green” ball similar to a real tennis ball with 25% less compression. The students typically use a 25′ to 27′ racquet and a full sized tennis court. 


Rain dates will be made up week(s) after on the same weekday as the class if possible/necessary.

Please bring tennis (athletic) shoes and clothes (layers if weather is cool), a racquet*, water bottle, sun block and hat.  (* A limited number of racquets are available to loan.)