Junior Summer Tennis Camp Registration Process

Please visit the Swansea Tennis CourtReserve web site.

Swansea Tennis Club uses this site to facilitate registration for all programs. While on CourtReserve, you can view the Summer Junior Camp options by selecting EVENTS. Within EVENTS, please choose the CALENDAR option, then scroll through the CALENDAR to select the week(s) you wish your child to attend.

In order to register your child for a summer camp, you will need to create a Membership for the child. There’s no fee associated with this membership. You will also need to create a CourtReserve Profile, complete with email address for each child you want to register for a Summer Tennis Camp, as well as payment information.


While creating this free membership for your child, please select “NON-MEMBER CAMP REGISTRANT 2024” for SHOE TAG TYPE. This “NON-MEMBER CAMP REGISTRANT 2024” membership will allow you to register your child for Summer Tennis Camps.

Once the NON-MEMBER CAMP REGISTRANT 2024 membership has been confirmed and approved by the Training Director, you can then select the week(s) you wish to attend. If one of your desired weeks is already full, we encourage you to sign up for the waitlist as availability could open up.


STEP 1: Access Swansea’s Court Booking system (CourtReserve).
STEP 2: Locate the EVENT section, then find the CALENDAR (within EVENTS) and scroll to your desired week of the Camp.
STEP 3: Create a membership for your child, always answer “NON-MEMBER CAMP REGISTRANT 2024” for shoe tag type and membership type.
STEP 4: Register your child for the desired week(s); be sure to sign up for the waitlist if the session is already full.
STEP 5: Pay for your camp registration with the credit card associated with the NON-MEMBER CAMP REGISTRANT 2024.

If you have any issues with the registration process please contact the Training Director here.